Suprema Group

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Suprema Group

Suprema Group provides professional guidance, management, strategic and advisory services for individual and corporate brands, both emerging and large.  The Company specializes in health, wellness and lifestyle brands and works to create top and bottom line growth for its clients through partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions and other business combinations which leverage and optimize goodwill


Jennifer Cohen is a nontraditional marketing strategist and brand builder for emerging health, wellness, and lifestyle brands. She is the CEO of Suprema, a management and advisory agency that creates new revenue streams, and forms strategic partnerships to bring exposure to companies. 

Suprema is selective in its choice of clients, selecting only those that meet the criteria for expansion. Considerations include market perception of the brands, as well as positioning and long term goals.  The Suprema process involves a deep dive into their client’s history, culture, product offerings, business strategy and other key metrics. The findings are laid up against existing and potentially new target markets in order the evaluate opportunities.  Suprema largely works behind the scenes, empowering it’s client’s team members. Past and current clients include Darin OIien, TruNiagen, Kind Bars, blk., Celsius, Loews, HyperIce and many others.